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Sonja H.

Dr. Caruso and his staff could not be more wonderful, always willing to answer any questions, and my surgery went well. I could not ask for a more special practice, and would recommend them to anyone.

Georgia H.

The staff is wonderful. Thank you, Dr. Caruso for everything. You get a family feeling when you come here. It’s not just an appointment

Jimmy S.

As a martial arts instructor having a healthy body and mind are essential not only to leading a happy life, but to my ability to earn my living.  A few years back I had such pain in my neck and shoulder that I had great difficulty teaching.  My left arm was losing all its strength.  I was sent to see Dr. Caruso, and I credit him for saving my life.  He said several of the discs in my neck were pinching off my spinal cord of nerves and killing my left arm and causing me all the pain in my upper body.  He scheduled me for a surgery just a few days later.  What was most wonderful was his taking the time to explain to me every step of the way what was going on with my body, what needed fixed and why, how he would perform the surgery.  He helped me relax and feel comfortable heading into my surgery, and was right there after it was over.   After my surgery I felt like a brand new man and was back to teaching martial arts within just a few weeks.  Dr. Caruso was professional, caring, informative, and made me feel as though I was his only patient in the world.  I recommend Dr. Caruso to everyone!   Sincerely, Master James C. Smith II White Tiger Martial Arts, Hagerstown MD.

Leslie S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Caruso's since 2012 and it has been my good fortune to be referred to him for my cervical neck issues. He is open, down to earth, straight forward and thorough! He spends as much time as necessary so that you are comfortable with what he is telling you about your condition. I have sent many people to see Dr. Caruso and will continue to do so. Dr. Caruso did surgery on my cervical neck and I have been markedly improved as a result. He also promised me I wouldn't see the scar and I don't! He is your doctor for neurosurgery! I traveled out of county to see him in 2012 and will continue to so - it is worth the drive!

Patient Testimonials

I was sent to see Dr. Caruso, and I credit him for saving my life.

— Jimmy S. —